I am Cassandra Onck – a Dutch singer, music theatre maker, artistic researcher and teacher. I create interdisciplinary performances using music, technology, theatre and science. Sometimes alone, but mostly together with other artists, scientists or designers.
My work highlights and explores the connections between art, science, politics and culture. By connecting personal stories to the big questions of the 21st century, I invite the audience to create new connections and question their own worldview. With everything that I do, I hope to create new knowledge and awareness about ourselves and the world around us and share it in a playful way.
On this website, you will find an overview of my work. I will switch between English and Dutch, depending on the target audience of a specific project.
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27 tm 30 dec 2018



Karavaan Festival Alkmaar



Ik ben een Interface

Clubnight double bill met: Female Rappers

CC Amstel – Muziektheaterdagen Amsterdam

tickets: www.ccamstel.nl






Mail: Cassandra_onck@hotmail.com
Tel: 0634319351