in samenwerking met



“The science of creativity has a different language; a complex combination of signs that forms a system, which is used for knowledge circulation and development. It has its own rules, exceptions, definitions and vocabulary. It is alive. It is diverse. It has changed, grew and branched like every other language through time. Our aim, as the Winter School is to figure out how this language works and how we can work with it. Together we will create a tool, a living lexicon, to share and use it.”  ArtEZ AIRS


Between November 27th and December 1st, 2017, I was invited to be a part of the AIRS Winterschool.  A five-day event during which master/PhD level students and researchers actively develop a ‘living lexicon’ on art and design based research collaboratively with professorships of ArtEZ and guest experts.

Together with Mauro Casarini I experimented with the role of sound during the Winterschool. We were recording the lectures, talks and experiments, creating a sound database with the participants. This sound database was used to create a performance at the last evening of the Winterschool together with Rosine Langbroek (violin, vocals) and artistic researcher Gaby Allard. 



Starting from a place of wonder, the Winter School Memory Collector invites you to discover and create the sound of the Winter School. Together we will explore our new build memories through electronic sound, live vocals, violin and synthesizers. During the week you slowly become the musician, sharing your own sound with the Winterschool Memory Collector to be remixed into a new performance at the Winter Night. Together we will explore our collective memory. 


in samenwerking met

Mauro Casarini

Rosine Langbroek

Gaby Allard (GALLARD)