Brave New World remixes
in samenwerking met

As Douglas Rushkoff tells in his book Present Shock, the culture of connectivity is upon us. It is no longer the question how we create new data, but rather how we deal with it.

“Learning how to recognize and exploit patterns without falling into full fledges fractalnoia will soon be a required survival skill for individuals, businesses, and even nations.”

How can remixing be a tool to explore data and recognize ways of thinking? Trying to explore and recognize the data at Brave New World 2017, I created four audio remixes that combine the audio of the lecture speakers with new electronic music and sound. By doing so I try to share a sound database that invites the listener to question their own relationship with technology. Use headphones for the best experience.

Inspired by

Ideas from media theorist
Douglas Rushkoff

in samenwerking met

Brave New World 2017