I am Cassandra Onck a Dutch singer, music-theatre maker, and teacher. I create interdisciplinary performances using music, technology, theatre and science. Sometimes alone, but mostly together with other artists, scientists, designers and producers.

I use art as a tool to research myself and the world around me. My work highlights and explores the connections between art, science, politics and culture. By connecting personal stories to the big questions of the 21st century, I invite the audience to create new connections and question their own worldview.


What do I do?

  • I create, perform and produce my own artistic work in collaboration with theatre festivals like Over ’t IJ Amsterdam,  Karavaan Festival Alkmaar, Ruimtekoers Festival Arnhem
  • I develop projects/concepts that combine art and sciences for a.o. the ArtEZ Professorship Arts and Cultural Education, Radboud University & Wageningen University.
  • I teach/coach students from various backgrounds and levels in their artistic process with a focus on music, voice and interdisciplinary dramaturgy at the ArtEZ department of Music Theatre.
  • I research the relationship between human, technology and politics through my artistic practice and I share my research through music as an electronic singer/songwriter on stages like Broken Words Festival, Muziek bij de Buren Arnhem
  • I speak about artistic research, and art/science collaborations on events like Reflactingon arts science, Building bridges symposium, Nieuwe Makers Borrel (Kunstlab Arnhem)


As a freelancer I also like to:

  • Write lyrics on demand for Vocalevents.nl
  • Give music workshops at primary schools for Klankenkaravaan


Contact: cassandra_onck@hotmail.com