What do I do?

  • I create, perform and produce my own artistic work. Both as an entrepreneur and in collaboration with art festivals like Over ’t IJ Amsterdam,  Karavaan Festival Alkmaar.
  • I share my vision on the relationship between human and technology through music as an electronic singer/songwriter on stages like H80 Festival, Broken Words Festival
  • I speak about artistic research, and art/science collaborations on events like Reflactingon arts science, Building bridges symposium, Nieuwe Makers Borrel (Kunstlab Arnhem)

And I offer the following 3 services as a freelancer:

  • Teaching/coaching students from various backgrounds and levels in their artistic process with a focus on music, voice and electronic sound. (ArtEZ Muziektheater, Rijn IJssel Arnhem, Klankenkaravaan)
  • Writing music and lyrics for (theatre) projects (Vocalevents.nl, Nijmeegse Kunstnacht, Maak Kennis op de Markt)
  • Developing projects/concepts that combine arts and sciences (ScART UP, Create Space ArtEZ & Radboud University, Maak kennis op de markt Wageningen University and Research)


I am always looking forward to new collaborations and I invite you to contact me when you have ideas, questions, wishes or project proposals.